Should the newly bought mobile phone be affixed with tempered screen protector

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  • 2021-12-06 17:09:58
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Nowadays, the price of flagship phones has been rising all the way, and the starting prices of many products have reached more than $400, which makes most consumers cherish mobile phones more. Protector the cellphones with case and screen protectors. After all, the higher the price of the mobile phone, the higher the maintenance cost. As one of the most expensive accessories in mobile phone products, the repair price of mobile phone screen is often set at more than $120, which makes many users unable to repair it directly.

However, although the tempered glass screen protector of the mobile phone can prevent the damage to the mobile phone screen, in daily use, the user will feel more or less inconvenient. So, should the newly bought mobile phone be affixed with tempered screen protector? After reading the following three points, you will no longer struggle with this issue.

Tempered Screen Protector

In general, the screen materials of mobile phones are getting better and better, and the anti-scratch performance is getting higher and higher. Normal use will not cause scratches. However, if you accidentally fall to the ground or make intimate contact with some sharp objects such as keys, the screen is still easily scratched.

These scratched screens will cause damage to your eyes, because the light of the mobile phone needs to be transmitted to your eyes through the screen of the mobile phone, and these scratched mobile phone screens are easy to transmit light, causing damage to the eyes. While you can't change the screen of your mobile phone frequently. But if you use a tempered glass screen protector, the only thing you need to do is to tear it off and put a new screen protector.

Reduce the risk of broken screen

Now that the mobile phone with full screen is getting more and more, as well as the screen grows larger and larger. The risk of broken screen is also increasing. If the mobile phone is unfortunately dropped, it will first break the outer tempered glass screen protector in case of you have fixed a screen protector, of course it is more cost-effective to change the screen protector than to change the screen.

The scratched screen protector can be replaced again, Although the screen can also be replaced, the cost of changing the screen is much higher than the cost of replacing the screen protector. Therefore, it is safer to stick a screen protector.

Screen Protector

You can save a sum of money

Nowadays, the upgrading of smartphones is getting faster and faster, and the service life of smartphones is also shortening. Mobile phones have gradually evolved from functionality to fashion.

If your mobile phone is affixed with a tempered film to get better protection, you can recycle it decisively when you don’t want to use your mobile phone, and the good condition will also sell a better price, which is equivalent to buying new for your Mobile phones save a lot of money.

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