How to remove the tempered screen protector from mobile phone

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  • 2023-02-04 11:25:36
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As the screen of mobile phone getting larger and larger,it is easier to break the screen,many people use a tempered screen protector to protect our mobile phone screen. There are many choices for us. Such as HD high clear tempered screen protector?privacy screen protector?diamond screen protector and so on. Let‘’s talk about the screen protector and how to remove the tempered screen protector in case of the screen protector is not correctly Installed,and what benefit will a tempered glass screen protector brings you.

What is tempered glass screen protector?

Tempered glass screen protector refers to screen protective films make of tempered glass. Tempered glass screen protector has the advantage of high definition, high hardness and good hand feeling. Generally, the hardness of plastic film is not more than 3H, and the hardness of glass is about 6H, while the hardness of toughened glass is 9H which more than metals like iron. Due to the high hardness of the tempered glass screen protector, it can protect our mobile phone screen when impacted as well as scratch in daily use.

 tempered glass screen protector

How to remove the tempered screen protector

First of all, do not use a blade to scratch the screen of the mobile phone. Prepare hot water above 80? and transparent tape. Sellotape the speaker and microphone to prevent water from entering. Start to apply hot water to the screen 7-10 times, and then tear it off by hand. If not, repeat it. Wipe off the screen glue with alcohol.

Or you can speaker and microphone with adhesive tape, use your fingernails to separate the screen protector from the screen,and then lift the adhesive tape to remove the whole tempered glass film. Screen protector with good quality can be easily remove by hand after plucking at the corner with fingernail. Because it can be torn off directly without glue.

tempered screen protector

What will a tempered glass protector benefit you

1. Anti electromagnetic radiation: the tempered glass protector can absorb the free electromagnetic wave generated by the screen and reduce the harm cause by the electromagnetic radiation.

2. The screen protector and prevent the glass screen from breaking due to inadvertent impact. At the same time, it can prevent accidental scratching and affect the beauty outlook of the mobile phone.

3. Prevent UV and electric radiation energy from passing through.

4. Improve visual effect by clear picture and keeping high sensitivity operation.

5. Easy to use, no bubbles. The picture transparency is up to 98%. It does not affect the use of mobile phone covers and other mobile phone accessories.