Instruction of Mietubl Screen Protector Cutter

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  • 2021-12-06 16:53:07
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The Screen Protector Cutter can be used to produce various models of  cellphone screen protector such as iPhone / Samsung / Huawei and other brands. Here is the instruction of Mietubl Screen Protector Cutter.

When using the screen protector cutter for the first time, you need to click [My], click [ WIFI Setting ] to complete the WI-FI connection.

WIFI connection

1. As shown in the picture: prepare a protective film to be cut. Confirm that the protective film is flat and the film is complete. No bending, folding or missing layers.

prepare protective film

2. Press the pinch roller to raise the pinch rolls and place the protective film in the dotted area shown.

Raise pinch rolls

3. Slowly raise the pressure roller, so that the pressure pinch wheels press the protective film.

Pressure pinch wheels press the protective film

4. After the system starts normally, enter the home page.

Enter the home page

5. Input keywords in the searching column, searching the item model you need to cut, and select the suitable protector film.

Searching model

6. After checking that the protective film has been placed correctly, click [ok] to start cutting.

Start cutting

7. After the film cutter has finished cutting, the protective film will be pushed out automatically.

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