What is Matte Tempered Screen Protector

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Matte treatment is grinding the glass with emery, silica sand, pomegranate powder and other to make a uniform and rough surface, and the hydrofluoric acid solution can also be used to process the surface of glass screen protector and other objects, and the finished products become matte glass. In short, it is a process of making the original smooth object become unsmooth, and making light shine on the surface to form diffuse reflection. For example, matte treatment makes glass opaque, leather not as bright as before, and the texture and reflection of matte screen protector have some changes.

Matte screen protector can be made to be 3D and 2.5D screen protector. The main advantage is that it is not easy to have fingerprints. The ordinary screen protector is coated with

Anti-fingerprint oil on the surface. It used work for a certain time,as time goes,there will be dirty on the surface. Better fingerprint oil can stay for a longer time,while worse fingerprint oil will not last for long. So this is one of the reasons why some people like to use matter screen protectors,it has a better anti-fingerprints effect.

Mietubl Matte Gaming Screen Protector

Mietubl Matte Gaming Screen Protector

Secondly, texture of matte screen protector is very good. Many people like matte effect. They don't reflect light and have a good feel. The matte surface can also prevent slipping when sweating. This is a great convenience for people who play games.

The principle of matte screen protector is to make the light shine on the surface to form a diffuse reflection, the transparency might be a little lower than HD high clear screen protector, and the color sense will be greatly reduced. The brightness of screen may not be bright enough in the sunlight and the mobile phone screen will become low in the dark, because of the poor light transmittance, it also has the problem of unclear vision, and have an impact in fingerprint unlocking. This is one of the reasons why the matte screen sell less than other screen protectors.

Different people will have different feelings about the matte screen protector, the most important thing is to find the right one for their own use.

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