Screen protector tempered glass vs matte

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  • 2021-12-06 16:41:34
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There are more and more types of screen protector products like tempered glass screen protector and matte screen protector ?anti blu-ray screen protector. So tempered glass screen protector and matte screen protector which is better.

1? Different uses

Tempered glass screen protector: provides higher security level protection for mobile screen.

matte screen protector: enhance privacy,anti fingerprint and provide better touch feeling.

2? Characteristics

Tempered glass screen protector has good wear resistance, high hardness and low toughness, reducing the tension of the main screen.

Matte screen protector: Change the smooth surface into an unsmooth surface, making the surface frosted texture.

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3? Advantages

Tempered glass screen protector enhances impact resistance. When the mobile phone falls to the ground, it can reduce the impact force and the chance of screen shattering.

Matte screen protector can reduce visual fatigue and protect vision. It can effectively resist the fingerprint, and is easy to clear. Frosted film can prevent glass from breaking and splashing.