How tempered glass protector is produced?

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  • 2021-12-06 16:37:28
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Although different manufacturers have different treatment processes,the produce process of tempered glass screen protector mainly contains the follow step.

1. Raw material cutting

First of all, tempered glass protector is also glass, tempered glass screen manufacturer purchase raw material (Specification of large pieces of glass are 1100 * 900,480 * 380, etc.); the thickness of glass on the market at present has the following specification 0.4mm, 0.33mm, 0.20mm, 0.15mm, etc. The 0.33mm, 0.2mm tempered glass screen protector is relatively popular in the market.

2. CNC machining:

The rectangular small-size glass processed by the first process is processed by CNC precision Carver according to the shape and size of different mobile phone models, which has the shape of the finished toughened film.

3. Grinding:

After CNC processing, due to the operation or other reasons in the processing process, as well as the requirements of the market for the edge radian of the tempered glass, it is necessary to carry out the process of flat grinding and sweeping. Through this process, the scratches on the surface of the tempered film can be effectively removed and the radian and brightness of the edge of the tempered film can be increased.

How tempered glass protector is produced?

How tempered glass protector is produced?

4. Tempering:

After grinding, in order to increase the stress value and toughness of the tempered glass protector, the products processed in the previous process should be tempered. Generally, the product is heated to about 420 ? for 3-4 hours of tempering treatment. Through the full exchange of Na ion and K ion of the tempered glass screen protector, the stress layer is formed on the surface of the protector, so as to achieve the effect of bending resistance and impact resistance, so as to protect the screen of the mobile phone.

5. Coating:

In order to prevent the steel film from fingerprint, the screen protector should be coating. Generally, anti fingerprint oil is applied. There are three ways to apply oil: A: hand coating, B: spraying, C: electroplating. The treatment effect is more and more. Of course, the related costs will increase.

6. Fit:

This process is also the most important one in the production of tempered glass protector. The main purpose of this process is to achieve the perfect adhesion of the screen protector on the screen of the mobile phone, so it looks beautiful and increases the light transmittance. The adhesive is commonly known in the market (AB adhesive);

7. Packaging:

After the inspection and quality of the products processed by the above processes, the tempered glass protector enters the final process packaging. Due to different manufacturers, their packaging is also different.