Does tempered glass screen protector hurt eyes?

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  • 2021-12-06 16:35:09
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There are many kinds of mobile phone film on the market. The tempered glass screen will not do harm to your eyes. On the contrary, it will protect your eyes.

A good screen has the following characteristics: fast exhaust?bubble free?anti-fingerprint and high transparency, can be use for a very long time.

After anti fingerprint treatment,tempered glass screen protector have a obviously anti fingerprint effect. Even if it breaks, it will not splash. So it can give you a good visual effect, even used cellphone for a long time, it will not cause eye fatigue.

There are also some functional screen protectors on the market that are specifically designed to protect your eyesight, like Mietubl eye protection green screen protector. This type of screen protector contain chlorophyll relative content AB glue, and have the ability of 86.9% blue-ray proof and still at a high transparency. The green screen protector is designed for myopia prevention. For those cellphone heavy user it can reduce light direct to eye, avoid potential eye harmful when focusing on the screen for a long time.

eye protection green screen protector

Mietubl eye protection green screen protector

The eye protection green screen protector have been widely accepted by users, and we have a comprehensive product line to meet the needs of different types of mobile phone users.

I believe this product can help you if you often use your mobile phone for a long time.