Why does tempered glass screen protector have white line problem?

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  • 2021-12-06 16:33:21
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1) On products of the same material quality standard, it depends on the radian of the original mobile phone screen. The larger the radian is, because the tempered glass is a hard object, it cannot be completely absorbed on the screen like a soft film. There is a gap between the two, and AB glue cannot fully fit, showing a regular bubble mark, commonly known as white line problem.

2) Same brand mobile phone manufacturers or production areas of difference also can cause white line, with a certain probability of the same brand with one model of mobile phones, because brand awarded by different manufacturers production, the mobile phones also to have certain error precision of final product screen, so even the same model of mobile phone, if the radian is too big, can also show white line because of the different areas.

Super-D Shining Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Super-D Shining Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector

3) If due to the damage to repair the phone's screen, which uses the same product is also likely to appear white line, because the mobile phone after maintenance, screen precision and the error of the flatness cannot compare to the original, and there are a lot of not original ones LCD, so after repaired the screen very likely appear the white line when install the same kind screen protector.

4) The quality and thickness of the protective film AB glue, same glass material, difference between using 180umand 250um thickness of AB glue, which is largely determines whether there is a white line to this appearance. because the mobile phone industry now more and more pursue curvaceous, the cell phone's screen is no longer the traditional plane screen, the original normal clear protective film already cannot satisfy the requirement of the perfect film, gradually silk-print full glue, 11D full curved and other products came up, our products are all made of the 250-280 um thickness AB glue, can avoid more than 95% of the models white line problem, can perfectly fit.