Is matte screen protector good?

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There are more and more smartphone users, from children to seniors, almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands.The screen of a smartphone is large, and the risk of fragile increases when dropping on the ground,so many people choose to use screen protector to prevent the screen from breaking.There are many types of mobile phone film, including blue light screen protector, high-definition screen protector, tempered glass screen protector and so on. Others have covered their cell phones with matte screen protector .Is matte screen protector good?

The matte screen protector, as the name implies, has a matte texture on the surface , giving the user a different operating experience. The advantage is that it can effectively resist fingerprints and is easy to clean. The disadvantage is that it has a slight effect on the display.

Many people think that the matte surface must be rough to the touch. In fact, the matte membran has little effec on the hand feeling,and not all users of touch screen mobile phones prefer the smooth touch. The reason why most users choose the matte film is because of its "slight resistance" feel, which is another operating experience.

Matte screen protector

Advantages and disadvantages of matte screen protector

Advantages: Suitable for game lovers. Anti-fingerprint and anti-skid.

Disadvantages: Compared with high-definition screen protector,transparency is low , it will affect the viewing effect.

Matte screen protector or high transparency screen protector?

The frosted film on the mobile phone is still a smooth film

we should understand the difference between matte screen protector and high-definition screen protector.

The high-definition screen protector has a higher light transmittance and clarity than the matte screen protector , but the anti-fingerprint effect is worse than the matte screen protector , and the finger operation on it does not have the smoothness of the matte screen protector .

If you are not a game lover, high transparency screen protector will be a good choice. if you are playing games,matte screen protector will be better.

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