what's the best screen protector for curved screen phones?

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  • 2023-02-04 11:06:41
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There are more and more curved screen mobile phones nowadays, like Huawei and Samsung, many people struggle with their curved screens.  So what's the best screen protector for curved screen phones?

1.The hot bending tempered screen protector.

The hot bending tempered screen protector is formed by dots and glued around the four sides. The disadvantage is that the touch screen will have rainbow patterns, and the edge of the phone will be degummed after a long time. Short life.

2. UV screen protector

UV screen protector is stain-resistant and high-definition. It is also type of tempered screen protector,but the price is quite high and hard to install. When using UV screen protector, please note don't try it until the glue is completely dry,  you may accidentally block the receiver. The inferior UV screen protector has a strong irritating taste and is terrible. It is easy to have glue residue when it is torn off.

NTPU Screen Protector

NTPU Screen Protector

3.NTPU Screen Protector

NTPU Screen Protectorm is now a popular screen protector. TPU has strong durability and repair ability, the price is also quite high,the feel is smooth and durable, the more it is used, the smoother it is, the longer it is applicable life, it is safe and no pungent taste. But the installation is quite difficult, you may need to buy a positioning applicator.

For how to install the NTPU screen protector, please refer to?Installation video of Mitetubl NTPU Screen Protector?.