What makes the tempered glass screen protector so absorbent?

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  • 2021-12-06 16:20:22
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The truth is AB glue!

First of all, the composition of AB glue is very simple, on both sides, side A is OCA glue, commonly known as optical cement, this glue is widely used in TP (touch pad) industry and various optical vision fields, high transmittance (over 90%), large viscosity and other characteristics. Side B is silicone gel, this kind of glue has a big characteristic, that is, it will automatically eliminate bubbles when it is fitted to a smooth, flat surface, ( Under certain conditions, the silicone gel interacts with the separated substance, this action is mainly physical and chemical. This action is mainly physical and chemical, the physical action comes from the van der waals force between the surface of the silicone gel and the solute molecules; the chemical action is mainly the hydrogen bond between the silicon hydroxyl group on the surface of silicone gel and the material to be separated), let the contact surface form a vacuum, to achieve a perfect fit.

What makes the tempered glass screen protector so absorbent?

When you use it, you just aim at the phone screen, try not to stick crooked, then gently down with a little bit of force can be pressed. The quality of AB glue, you can't tell until you stick it on your phone. Basically also see exhaust performance, and will there be snow patterns and other impurities affecting the visual senses after the fitting.

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