Production process of screen protector

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The production process of screen protector for mobile phone is mainly divided into several steps, such as fine carving, edge grinding,tempering, coating, gluing and forming. The following are briefly introduced to you in order:

Fine carving:

Fine carving is to cut large pieces of glass into small pieces,the difference between carving process is that the hole position and burr. The hole position affect the user experience,while the size of burr will directly affect the service life of screen protector.

screen protector

Edge grinding

This process is actually a process that only brand manufacturers will make, that is, using high-density fabric to carry out burring and anti damping treatment on the carved glass. After treatment, the glass surface will be smoother, and will also increase the service life of the screen protector.


3-6 hours of tempering time, the main purpose is to improve the hardness and strength of glass, so as to improve the protective ability of tempered glass screen protector,


There are different density of AF anti fingerprint oil between screen protector manufacturers.And the key point lies in the technological level of nano coating.There are only three ways to coating: manual, spray and vacuum coating.The difference between these methods is the degree of adhesion of this layer of oil.

Production process of screen protector


On the contact side of the screen protector and screen,needs a layer of glue.The a side is an OCA optical acrylic glue, with strong adhesion, high light transmittance, and the B side is silica gel, with fast automatic exhaust and strong reusability. Finally, it's compression and forming. Because the process of screen protector for mobile phone is much more complex than that of ordinary screen protector, and the cost is also very high, so the price is much more expensive too.

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