What kind of screen protector is the best?

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  • 2021-12-06 15:46:39
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As the popularity of smart phones, products related to it are also rapidly driving up,screen protector is one of them,after years of development, there are more and more types of screen protector.For example,Ordinary tempered glass screen protector,eye protection anti blu-ray screen protector,privacy screen protector.so what kind of screen protector is the best?

Ordinary tempered glass is the most common type of screen protector, and it is the type that most mobile phone install when they sell mobile phones, Ordinary tempered glass screen protector have a certain thickness. It plays a protective role to prevent the phone screen from being damaged.

The anti blu-ray screen protector is to protect people's eyes and reduce the harm of blu-ray direct to our eye.Seen from the surface, it is the same thickness as the ordinary tempered glass screen protector, and the brightness of the screen reduce,but the color of the picture does not appear to be distorted. It is a very good choice.

 anti blu-ray screen protector

The privacy screen protector is a screen protector that prevent peeping in public places,for example, when paying and chatting.You can only see the screen from the front, and from the side you can only see the black screen

privacy screen protector

Nowadays, more and more full-screen mobile phones use curved screens. These kind of mobile phones generally has a curvature,and tempered glass is not longer suitable for such mobile phone,then a special screen protect come out.That is TPU screen protector,this kind of screen protector can be well adapted to curved screens, so it is very suitable for curved screen mobile phones.

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