How to choose a screen protector for your mobile phone

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  • 2021-12-06 15:44:47
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Why using a screen protector?

Although manufacturers of mobile phone has used high hardness glass as screen,we still can not avoid the damage caused by small particles on the screen in daily use,as time goes on, there will be ugly scratches on the screen of the mobile phone.And as the screen of mobile phone becomes larger and larger, mobile phone also needs extra protection to avoid screen fragmentation.So if you don't change your mobile phone every year,it is better to use screen protector to protect your mobile phone.So it comes to the problem how to choose a screen protector for your mobile phone.

After years of development,there are more and more and more kinds of screen protector.But there are some mainly places you should pay attention to:


Now,Thickness of screen protector mainly divided into 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm grades,in theory, the thinner the better. But is also related to production process, some edges are too thin to be curved and will have white borders.

2.Oleophobic coating

In fact, one of the main differences between screen protectors lies in the coating.The advantage of oleophobic coating mainly affects operation and anti-fingerprint ability.


this is very simple. Some screen protector edge is arc, simulating the 2.5d/3d screen Radian,which have a better feeling.

curved edge screen protector

4.Adhesive layer

It is generally AB adhesive. The thickness of the adhesive layer will affect the adhesive after the screen protector is installed. In addition, if the glue layer treatment process is not good you will have bubbles.

5.Full coverage & non full coverage

This is what many people will pay attention to. The effect that full coverage screen protector wants to simulate is that invisible, Instead of full coverage, the non full coverage screen protector

mainly covers the display pixel area. There is also a problem of dust accumulation in full coverage and non full coverage.

Full coverage screen protector

6.Strengthening process

Strengthening process is to improve the hardness and impact resistance of the tempered screen glass through the treatment. The screen protector will has higher hardness, stronger impact resistance and is not easy to break edges.


It is talking about tempered glass,The material of tempered glass screen protector is generally aluminum silicon glass. There are different manufacturers of aluminum silicon glass. For example, corning gorilla glass.