Preview of iPhone SE2?Where can I buy iPhone SE2 screen protector

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  • 2021-12-06 15:42:38
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The latest iPhone SE2 draws on many of the elements of the iPhone X's previous design, including the use of touch IDS instead of face IDs. As with the original version, apple did so to reduce the overall cost of the model and continue to use its familiar existing parts catalog, as the latest unwrapping made it clear.

Before the iPhone SE was completely disassembled, ifixit revealed that there are many parts inside the iPhone SE that can be easily replaced. Although this does not extend to items located on the motherboard, such as the A13 SOC, it does cover other elements that are easier to disassemble.

Ifixit said the iPhone SE2 camera can be easily swapped with the iPhone 8 version, as can the SIM card tray, Taptic engine and display components, including microphones and proximity sensors. The display is also considered the lowest replacement cost of all iPhones released in recent years.

Preview of iPhone SE2

Although the iPhone SE2 uses the home key, it is not interchangeable with the iPhone 8 version. Ifixit reminds users that they need to keep the home key.

The iPhone SE2 and the iPhone 8 battery can't be switched, because it uses a different logic board connector. Although the iPhone 11 battery uses the same connector, the iPhone 11 battery will not work in the iPhone se. In addition, it is said that the real iPhone SE2 battery cannot be replaced with another battery without triggering the "non genuine Apple Battery" service warning.

The screen material of iPhone se2 is LCD, and the size is 4.7 inches.The size of iPhone SE2 is 138.4 * 67.3 * 7.3mm, while the weight is only 148g.

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