Main types of computer screen protector

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  • 2021-12-06 15:40:36
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At present, there are three kinds of computer screen film on the market: matte screen protector,anti blue screen protector and HD screen protector.

Matte screen protector

Matte screen protector has the effect of anti reflection, but matte screen protector will reduce the brightness and color of the computer.

Matte means to change the surface of the object from smooth to unsmooth. In this way, the light will be scattered. So some of the color might be reduced, that is to say, not so bright.

computer screen protector

Anti blu-ray Screen protector:

The work of anti blu-ray screen protector is to absorb and transform the high-energy blu-ray emitted by the light source, so it will not be directed at our eyes.For some cell phone heavy users, it will be a good choice to use anti blu-ray screen protector.

HD screen protector:

Some people say that it's better to use high-definition film for computers.First of all, the high-definition film on the computer screen will not be touched frequently, so it will not be stained with dust. HD screen protector can effectively improve the transparency of the screen, that means a good visual effect, color restoration is also good. It's a better choice.