What does a real tempered glass screen protector look like?

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  • 2021-12-06 15:27:11
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Tempered glass screen protector have been a necessary accesssory for mobile phone users all over the world.Let‘s take a look at the core features of a good tempered glass screen protector.

The raw materials of tempered glass'screen protector can be divided into sodium calcium glass and aluminum silicon glass. Sodium calcium is commonly used in flat glass, bottle, glass can, light bulb and other products. Sodium calcium glass was once used to produce tempered glass screen at the earlier time time.But with the development of technology and the improvement of users' demand for strength, high-quality toughened film used high alumina silica glass.

Aluminum silicon glass has a high content of alumina and silica, with good chemical stability, electrical insulation, mechanical strength and low thermal expansion coefficient. It is generally used in mobile screen, aircraft and other high-end glass scenes. The performance is far better than that of sodium calcium glass. However, the price is higher than that of sodium calcium glass.

Raw material must be tempered. The process is heating the glass to a temperature close to particular point in a precise time, and then cool it quickly and evenly.So as to improves the bending and impact strength of the glass.

tempered glass screen protectors

The edge process technology directly affect the hand feel,excellent tempered glass screen protectors made careful treatment on the glass edge under the premise of ensuring surface hardness. And there will be no feeling of scraping.

In order to make the glass surface more hydrophobic, oil drain, anti fingerprint,the tempered glass screen protector will be painted with a layer of fingerprint oil. Fingerprint oil is a kind of fluorine-containing coating, with very low surface tension.

Excellent screen protector manufacturers will pay close attention to the coating process. Usually, in order to test the performance of fingerprint oil, manufacturers will use some metal velvet wires to rub the surface for thousands times, simulating the results of long-term touch by human hands, and then use water drops to test how much the smoothness of the membrane surface has been reduced . The excellent coating still keeps the water drop angle of 115 degree after 3000 times of friction.

rub testing

The tempered screen protector adheres to screen mainly by AB glue. The high-quality tempered screen protector will automatically adheres quickly.

A tempered glass screen protector is far more than a piece of glass. It can save your screen at the critical moment. Behind this ability is the precise combination of materials and technology. Mobile phones are so expensive. It's the attitude of ordinary people to  take good care.