Classification of mobile phone screen protector

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  • 2023-02-04 11:23:48
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Mobile phone is so important for modern people that most people use screen protector for better protect their mobile phone.But,there are so many kinds of screen protector on the market and it is hard to choose! Now, we will introduce you some common mobile phone screen protector to help you make the right choice.

Plastic screen protector

Now we use less plastic screen protector then before. Generally,this kind of mobile phone screen protector is cheap,plastic screen protector is easy to scratch and touch.and it is not resistant to falling.Besides that,plastic screen protector is not easy to install.

Tempered glass screen protector

That is the most commonly used mobile phone film.The hardness of tempered glass screen protector is greatly increased.It is generally divided into full coverage glass screen protector and non full coverage glass screen protector.

The full coverage screen protector is suitable for many smartphones with 2.5D screen,has a better integration and hand feeling.But the thickness icreases obviously

The non full coverage screen protector is simple, which mainly protects the screen in the middle from scratching. However, due to the failure to protect the edge of the mobile phone, the screen of the mobile phone may be broken.

TPU screen protector

Due to the continuous update of mobile phones, many curved screen mobile phone come into being, and the PU screen protector become more and more popular. The TPU screen protector with super flexible honeycomb structure.Different from tempered screen protector, the TPU screen protector is thin and soft, and can fit the mobile phone 360 °, which is very suitable for curved screen mobile phones.

The advantages of TPU screen protector are that it can cover the whole screen,and it is more resistant to fingerprints and oil stains than traditional screen protector.And it can also repair slight scratches automatically.

In addition, there are many other mobile phone films with different functions on the market to meet people's needs.

TPU screen protector

Privacy screen protector

Users of the privacy screen protector can see the screen of the mobile phone on the front, while others by the side can only see black.It has the function of anti glare. However, the transparency of this kind of mobile phone film are not high.