Types of mobile phone screen protector

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  • 2021-12-06 15:04:51
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By now,There are five materials of mobile phone screen protector: PP , PVC , PET , glass and TPU screen protector.

PP screen protector is soft and low transparence. And creen protector is not good for prevent scratching and abrasion. It can only prevent dust. So PP screen protector has been abandoned by consumers.

PVA screen protector is soft and easy to paste,but PVA screen protector is to thick and low transparence,When remved,glue will be left on the screen, which will affect the appearance.

Screen protector made of PET has high transparence and bubble-free.However, the screen protector made of this material has not yet reached the level of anti falling.

Glass screen protector is AF treated,and has excellent wear resistance,Besides,Glass screen protector is harder than the harder mention above, Screen protector of this material will automatically exhaust after being pasted, with good light transmittance, and will not leave any trace after being torn off, and it is simple and easy to paste.Glass screen protector is the most popular product in recent years

mobile phone screen protector

TPU screen protector is the softest,with high transparence.After scratched,it will automatically recover.But it is not easy to place.Once it is misplac it cannot be corrected.For this reason, based on TPU, there is a water coagulating membrane.The adhesive layer of the membrane is further activated by the combination of water coagulant.It can moved by hand for alignment before layer is dry.TPU screen protector is the most suitable screen protector for curved surface phones.It is self repair, reusable,flexibility and High adhesion.