• 2.1A braided data cable for Android
  • 2.1A braided data cable for Android
  • 2.1A braided data cable for Android
  • 2.1A braided data cable for Android

2.1A braided data cable for Android

High-density braided wire, resistant to abrasion, charging and data sync, supports 2.4A high-current fast charging.

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2.1A braided data cable for Android Introduction
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2.1A braided data cable for Android Specification

Interface: Micro-USB

Color: Grey/Black

Length: 1M

Material: pure copper wire, braided wire, aluminum shell

The interface uses anti-oxidation aluminum alloy shell, corrosion-resistant, upgraded braided wire, has strong tensile resistance, charging and data synchronization, high-purity copper core supports 2.1A current.

Do you offer warranty on mobile phone data cables?2023-03-19 14:46:59
Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty on all our cables. If you experience any issues with your cable within that time frame, you can take it to a video to us, we will replace it free of charge.
What makes your mobile phone data cables better than others?2023-03-19 14:44:03
Our data cables are designed with a focus on quality and durability. They are built with premium materials, reinforced connectors. We also offer excellent customer service, long-term quality assurance service.
What is a charging protocol?2022-04-16 17:22:24

Different mobile phone manufacturers use different voltages and currents for charging mobile phones. For safety reasons, a standard is needed to works with mobile phone and the charger that the mobile phone will not be damaged by a large current. This is the charging protocol. Although the charging protocols are different, but they all support the 5V/2A charging protocol.

Will the length of the data cable affect the charging speed?2022-04-15 15:06:55
In theory, the shorter the length of the data line, the smaller the loss caused by the wire, and the faster the charging speed, but in daily applications, this effect is almost negligible. In fact, the effect of core diameter on charging speed far exceeds that of length.
Does the data cable support charging and data synchronization?2022-04-15 13:04:39

Yes, our data cable uses 4 pure copper cells, which support different functions respectively. It can support data and charging synchronously.

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