• Portable Bluetooth speaker with LED light
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker with LED light
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker with LED light
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker with LED light

Portable Bluetooth speaker with LED light

Mietubl Bluetooth speakers come with LED lights for visual effects. It will be a popular choice for people who want to enjoy music in places where a traditional sound system is not practical or available. OEM orders are welcome.

Bluetooth Speaker
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Portable Bluetooth speaker with LED light Introduction
Portable Bluetooth speaker with LED lightPortable Bluetooth speakerPortable speaker with LED lightBluetooth speakerPortable Bluetooth speaker size
Portable Bluetooth speaker with LED light Specification
Product NamePortable Bluetooth speaker with LED light
Charging portType-C
Horn size52mm,4Ω/5W*2
Wireless versionV5.3
ColourBlack / blue / red /grey
Does the larger the speaker's voice coil, the better the sound quality?2024-05-13 12:18:38

Not necessarily. The size of the speaker's voice coil is one factor affecting its sound characteristics, but it's not the sole determining factor. The sound quality of a speaker is influenced by multiple factors, including the voice coil size, materials, design, power handling capabilities, etc.

Larger voice coils generally can produce higher sound pressure levels and deeper bass because they have a larger vibrating surface area. This means they may have more power and dynamic range when playing low-frequency sounds. However, not all situations call for larger voice coils. With proper speaker design, using appropriately sized and material-matched voice coils, and paired with suitable circuits and enclosure designs, smaller voice coils can also produce high-quality sound, especially in the mid-to-high-frequency range.

Is Mietubl a manufacturing company or Distributor?2023-08-05 14:41:13
We are a combination of production and trade, our corporate headquarters is a 6-story building, the lower floors are the production base, and the top floor is the sales team.
Does playing audio over Bluetooth reduce sound quality?2023-07-22 16:15:45
Bluetooth audio may not be quite as high quality as a wired connection due to data compression, but most users find the difference negligible. Newer versions of Bluetooth have improved audio quality significantly.
Can Bluetooth speakers work with computers?2023-07-22 16:13:32
Yes, as long as the computer has Bluetooth capabilities, it should be able to connect to a Bluetooth speaker.
Can I connect the Bluetooth speaker to TV?2023-07-22 15:59:01
If the TV has Bluetooth capabilities, it will be able to connect to it. For TVs without Bluetooth, you may need a Bluetooth transmitter.
Is it the Bluetooth speakers work with all smartphones?2023-07-22 15:56:55

Yes, the Bluetooth speakers work with any smartphone that has Bluetooth capabilities, which includes most modern smartphones.

Can the Bluetooth speakers be connected to Wi-Fi?2023-07-22 15:30:27
No, the Bluetooth speaker currently only supports Bluetooth connection, but your opinion is very useful to us, and we will consider adding this function in subsequent product upgrades.
How does a Bluetooth speaker work?2023-07-22 14:58:23

Bluetooth speakers work by receiving audio data wirelessly from a source device via Bluetooth connection and then playing it through the speaker's drivers.

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Warranty and Maintenance

When using the product, please read the following suggestions to help you comply with the terms of the warranty and extend the life of the product.

1. Keep the product dry and do not place the product in a damp place, so as not to affect the internal circuitry of the product.

2. Avoid using the product during intense exercise or sweating to prevent sweat from penetrating the product and damaging it.

3. Do not place the product in the sun or high-temperature places high temperatures will shorten the life of electronic components, damage the battery, and make some plastic parts deformed.

4. Do not place the product in a cold place, so as not to damage the internal circuit board.

5. Do not try to disassemble the product if non-professionals may damage the product.

6. Do not drop, vibrate strongly, or hit the product with a hard body to avoid damage to the internal circuitry.

7. Do not use strong chemicals or cleaning products. If you need to clean, please use neutral solvents or water.

8. Do not scratch the surface of the product with a sharp body, so as not to damage the shell and affect the appearance of the product does not work properly, please send it to your qualified repair organization.

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