Easy to use

It takes only 20 seconds to make the protective film without professional training
screen protector making machine

Self-developed cloud system

Cloud data storage, thousands of mobile phone data models

Real time access to the latest mobile phone model data, solve the problem of multiple models, difficult to stock up

cloud data

One solution to all problems

1. Low investment, suitable for mobile phone repair chain stores

No need to take up a lot of money, cheap consumables

2. No need for large inventory

More than 8000 model in one machine, including the front screen protector,mobilephone back film,reduce your inventory

3. Quick profit

Customize the mobile phone screen protector on demand,unlimitied cutting, and no secondary investment

4. Flexible and fast

Timely data update, cutting on demand, only need 20 seconds to obtain the screen protector

mobile phone repair chain stores

Various protective films

High-precision control system, accurate cutting

On demand cutting tablet screen protector, mobile phone front film, mobile phone back film, lens protector, camera protector.

screen protector making machine row material

Multiple optional sheets

Can be used to cut flexible protective films such as PET, TPU, PMMA, etc., integrated material supply, no need to worry about after-sales problems.

We have HD, matte, anti-blue light and nano glass film for your options.

screen protector multiple optional sheets
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